What we do

Sigma GP is a firm based in Bogotá (Colombia) focused on the strategic management of infrastructure and transportation projects, as well as on the technical and financial structuring of public and private projects. The company’s objective is to manage and execute consulting projects and to supervise the execution of projects, drawing on the management experience of its associates and personnel in the structuring and implementation of projects. SIGMA GP has two defined work areas: Management and Execution of Consultancy Projects and Project Management and Implementation in the areas of both public and private transportation and transit.  

High-profile Projects
Comparative study of alternatives for the First Line of the Bogotá Metro.
Comprehensive diagnosis and conceptualization of the Ciudad Río Project in Bogotá.
Technical, Legal and Financial Structuring of the Línea Azul Project in the city of Montería.

The FDN hired the services of the company SYSTRA, with whom SIGMA GP collaborated as a local partner to perform the characterization and costs analysis, urban, property, environmental impact and interaction with other projects of the different alternatives defined. Additionally, SIGMA GP provided support in the evaluation of the multicriteria matrix, in the definition of the different alternatives for the construction of the elevated system, as well as in the analysis of advantages and disadvantages of different aspects to be considered at the moment of execution by sections of the PLMB (by First Line of Bogota Metro in Spanish), schedule and investment plan. The study included the analysis of the economic benefits of the investment options for the first section of the metro as well as the feeder trunks of TransMilenio to the Metro System of Bogota.

This study was contracted by the FDN for the Urban Renewal and Development Company and the Department of the Habitat of Bogotá, which had as its scope the technical conceptualization and sizing of the urban aspects, as well as the environmental, mobility, financial and legal aspects of the project. In addition, the area of influence of the Ciudad Río project and the route to follow for its implementation was defined. The project has a length of 67 km, starting with the recovery of the Bogotá River as a structuring axis and articulator of the new city and the region, connecting the consolidated city and the adaptation of 1,228 hectares of land for the development of the city, with ample green spaces, public and non-motorized transport and enough equipment to improve the quality of life of citizens.

This work was contracted by Findeter to define the Fluvial Passenger Transport System of the Sinú River "Línea Azul" in the city of Monteria. The project will be one of the main axes of mobility for the Strategic Public Transport System (SETP by its initials in Spanish) and a national example for being the first organized passenger river system. The system will have a length of 14 kilometers, with 15 piers distributed along the two banks of the Sinú River, connecting the city from south to north, and transporting approximately 3200 passengers per day, who can integrate their journeys with the SETP bus component.